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Monday, 26 May 2008

A New Start

I fell in Love with Laura Sparling's beautiful Easter focals when I saw them and decided I must have one or my life would be incomplete (This is how beads get you sometimes!). Last week, was a strange one, what with loosing Sasha and various other life changing events that I will go into in a moment, I just had to calm down and relax with some jewellery making. This pendant must have taken me about three hours to make and my hands were so sore!!! I teamed the bead with sterling silver and a gorgeous Rose quartz drop. I love it and it's mine! I wore it all last week and lots of people commented with 'oooohs' and 'ahhhhhs'. Lovely!!

Mark had some brilliant news last week. He has just been offered a job for the massive web design company based in Manchester called Lightmaker. I am so happy for him as he is so passionate about his design work! After much thought we have both decided to move there. Manchester is about 90 miles away from us, so it's pretty far! I had to inform my boss on Friday which I was so scared about, but she was lovely and very supportive.

Mark and I went to Manchester on Saturday and found a lovely apartment which we secured, so now we're trying to sort that out too. It's all go!!! But we both fell in love with it, can't wait! Part of me is very very scared to leave everyone and everything behind, I am an only child so I'll miss my parents so much but they have agreed to visit as much as possible and of course there is no excuse not to keep in touch these days what with email and texting and goodness knows what else!

I also had a nice surprise yesterday when I looked at the My Vintage Charms blog and found a post dedicated to my jewellery, such nice words to say about my work! I love their website as their charms and findings are so unique, so thanks for featuring me guys!!! Click here to see their post on Cherished Trinkets :o)

Thursday, 22 May 2008

A bit quiet...

I've been a bit quiet since the weekend. During my days off work our poor family dog Sasha took a turn for the worst and we had to make the terrible decision to have her put to sleep yesterday. We're all heart broken and the house just doesn't feel the same without her. Every time I walk in it feels like there is something missing. She was too old to operate so the vet said it was for the best. I hope she's at peace now.

Our other dog Billy looks a bit lost without her, but at least we have him to cheer us up. I'll try and get a decent picture of him to put up! He's a very cheeky fellow indeed.

Above is Sasha how I like to remember her best, in her pink T shirt which just summed her up... it had 'Minx' written on the back and a Minx she certainly was!

Friday, 16 May 2008

A few days off!

I have a few days off worked booked, so I'm not back there until Thursday now. Hurrah!! Mark and me are going to Sheffield tonight to a club where The Prodigy are performing, we're very excited... I feel we may need some glow sticks!

Above is a pretty, feminine necklace made with a beautiful Karen hill tribe silver Orchid and fresh water pearls.

Saturday, 10 May 2008


All of this glorious weather inspired me to use these fantastic beads by Laura Sparling. They really remind me of the fabulous holidays I used to go on with my parents as a child, usually local mind like Scarborough, or sometimes even as far down as Devon. I used to love them! I really wanted to keep these as they really do make me smile but they are currently for sale on my website and Etsy.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

I love bank holidays!!!

Green With Envy
Oh I do love them!!!! I had lots of time to spend with Mark (my fella) and also to make jewellery. I left Mark playing with wire on Sunday (don't ask), and settled down to some serious jewellery making. I even borrowed my dads drill and made some home made twisted jump rings for the above bracelet made with gorgeous beads by Isabelle Anderson. It was hard work as I find wire work really daunting but I think it looks OK! Well I hope it does :o)

I was so proud that I went on to make a matching pendant! Hurrah!!!