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Sunday, 28 October 2007

Lamp work Bead Necklace- New project- 'Floral Pearl glory'

I have been deciding what to do with this gorgeous bead for a while now! Mark had bought me it as a surprise from one of my favourite lamp work artists Jan Jennings and I really wanted to do something special with it! So i decided to team it with some beautiful freshwater pearls and sterling silver 'wiggly tubes' and I love the outcome, especially as the necklace is a bit longer as I really like the style of the longer ones. This necklace is for keeps I think!! He he.

I now have a eBay shop which Mark has been designing for most of the weekend, i may have the odd auction now and then as well as some jewellery as 'but it now' that is also on my website... It's anther portal for people to see my work after all! and I'm pretty happy with the result. Take a look!

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

It can't be bad!

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Here's me at work today, sporting one of the creations from my place! I sat at my desk wearing this all day and felt very special indeed! Please excuse the photo as it was only taken with a phone camera but you get the gist! Some of the tiaras/hair pieces are made on site by the super talented ladies who work very hard to get them done! This is one which was knocked up in a few minutes. The girls sit there amongst all the beautiful beads and wire, twiddling away for most of the day- sounds like heaven to me!

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Happy days!!!

Hi all!

Not had much of a chance to 'blog' lately as I have been putting my all into my new job! It's going really well and everybody is really nice and helpful! There is so much to learn though and my little brain gets overloaded with information very quickly! He he! I'm in charge of around 350 accounts all mostly bridal shops, so it's quite hard keeping up with them all and remembering who's who! I have also being trying to keep up with making jewellery which I'm sure Mark will be photographing at the weekend! Oh it's great having full weekends together! I'm really appreciating it, and I'm sure Mark is too, usually we only really get to spend Sundays together as he's away all week so it's nice being able to plan stuff to do without having to think about me working on a Saturday!

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Last day!

Here's a picture from my leaving do on Thursday, some of the light weights have already gone home! He he. I'm the one glugging the glass of red wine on the right!

HOOOOO! Today was my last day working in retail, no more Saturdays at work!!! I did feel quite sad though having worked in Burtons for 7 years I will miss meeting different people every day. I am excited for my new job on Monday though! :)

Janine xx

Friday, 5 October 2007


Just a quick note to say that you will be sadly missed! Every time I think of you I remember your infectious smile. The sun shone down for you today and the funeral was lovely, so many people arrived to say goodbye because they all love you! RIP Suey. Love you x