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Monday, 26 January 2009

Woooooooo Hoooooooooo!

How fab is the new Cadburys advert?! Definitely better than the Gorilla if you ask me!

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Tweet with me!

You may have noticed on the left hand side a new Twitter widget thingy. You can now follow what I'm up to on Twitter, a great way to get interactive and let everyone know what you're doing Click here for a look.

Below are a couple of pairs of wire worked earrings. Practice makes Perfect!


Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Poorly Sick

I've been a bit poorly the last couple of days so have been wrapped up on the sofa bending wire. I decided to buy lots of copper and brass so that if I make a mistake it really doesn't matter. This is yesterdays several hour long project, and boy do my fingers know about it! These earrings feature Amethyst and Iolite, there is some thing quite beautiful about gold and purple together I think!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Alice Mad!

Wow! So sorry for the absent blogs! Since returning to Manchester after Christmas things have been quite hectic with work and socially and I haven't had much of a chance to update!

I am sat in my sick bed today with a bad throat and groggy head so thought i would catch up!

Just seen that there is going to be a film for Alice in Wonderland and the wonderfully talented and not to mention beautiful Johnny Depp will be playing the Mad Hatter. His role will be Fab I'm sure, I really can't wait.

I have had even more demand for Alice products and I'm hoping to get lots made as soon as I can. Here is my latest latest Alice commision...