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Monday, 23 March 2009

What a good idea!

I have been on a diet. I dared to buy some bathroom scales and was not amused at the reading when I stood on them. It seems city life offers quite a lot of beautiful food. I'm being practicle, I already walk everywhere, but I'm eating healthy and stopping when I'm full as well as using my stepping machine a few times a week.

I've also been working hard for the holiday and went 2 weeks without a day off. On Friday I worked my day off with a 12 hour shift. during my shift I was presented with a rather intriguing box on my desk. Mark had sent me a box from Here you find lots of healthy snacks to get you through the day that you order on line. You pick out your favourite foods and they tailor your box to meet your needs! I was very impressed!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Hand made, Vintage inspired charm necklace featuring swarovski crystal beads - Crystal Goddess

Hope all the Mothers out there have had a lovely day. After a phone call to mine I realised this is the first Mothers Day where I have not actually seen her. Hopefully I will make up for it next weekend as I plan to go back home for a couple of days.

Today I got my creative head on, having not had much time to make jewellery I thought I should get stuck in! Here is my crystal goddess vintage themed necklace, complete with large glass heart crystal, surrounded by plenty more bling in the form of swarovski crystal, fresh water pearls, crystal charms and strung on beautiful ball chain. I have finished this with white satin ribbon to tie comfortably around the neck and a lacy bow to add a feminine touch. This is a truly classy vintage look that I absolutely adore making.

Available on Etsy and Folksy now

Saturday, 21 March 2009

I was nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award by sandnseadesigns ! Thank you! Part of accepting the award is to then nominate up to 8 blogs yourself. Here are the blogs I nominate:

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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Spotted On Folksy - Beautiful vintage decorated, scented candle

These lovely vintage looking tea cups with scented candles! What a lovely and charming idea! I have myself purchased one of these as a gift for my Nanna and she loved it. I just think the idea is so unique and beautifully decorated. Visit Clarabows for more unique gift ideas including jewellery and hats!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Beautiful wire wrapped necklace with rose quartz and satin bow

I'm working hard at my 'real' job lately because we want the extra money for holiday! So I'm offering to do overtime, this means not so much time for making lovelies :o( However I'll try and make time where I can to add to the stores.

For now here is one of the latest additions to Etsy and Folksy. I have seen lot's of beautiful hand wrapped jewellery by various jewellery designers and it inspired me to have a go my self at a spot of wire wrapping. This particular item of jewellery featured beautiful rose quartz that i wire wrapped with copper to make the focal piece, before finishing them off with a lovely cream/pink satin bow and delicately hung on a vintage looking chain.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Ooooooh my gorgeous blue Butterfly!

Look what fluttered its way into my post box yesterday. This gorgeous butterfly clip thingy, a gift from Laura Sparling. Its sooooooo me! Bertie (it just seems to go) is hanging out on my bedroom blinds looking out over the city. Thanks Laura for this wonderful gift!

Cherished trinkets jewellery

Friday, 6 March 2009

Cherished Trinkets jewellery is now available to buy on Folksy!

...Yes! That's right Cherished Trinkets has now invaded Folky, similar to Etsy but in England! Yay! This means no trying to convert prices before you buy because the price is just there in friendly pounds sterling! Hip hip Hurrah!

Going onto Etsy and Folksy tonight are these Angelic earrings featuring peachy coloured fresh water pearls, brass and satin ribbon that i delicately wire wrapped in brass.

I also wanted to show you my latest 'For Me' necklace creation. Here I've used one of Laura Sparling's fabulous spotty heart glass lamp work beads that she very kindly sent me a while ago, some lovely pink lamp work beads also by Laura, some brass and some ribbon all finished with a nice vintage brass key. I couldn't sleep the other night because I had this necklace pictured in my head and got round to making it yesterday. I'm very happy with it, in fact I'm wearing it now as I type!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Vintage cameo charm bracelet - featuring swarovski crystal, vintage themed cameos and fresh water pearls

Spring is coming!

I actually nipped to the shop with just a cardi on this morning, well not just a cardi because that would be insane, but no coat anyhow! I'm getting that lovely feeling you get when you can smell that spring is on it's way but not quite. The mornings are brighter which makes it easier to get up and the nights are longer which means no nasty walking home in the dark! Love it!

New to Etsy ...

I love this vintage inspired charm bracelet. I have delicately selected individual charms that compliment each other perfectly achieving a classy vintage feel. The bracelet encompasses beautiful cameo flower charms in a gorgeous shade of blue and cream, delicate Swarovski crystals encased in a cross, fresh water pearls, Iolite beads and various other selected beads strung on a thick (high quality) silver plated chain.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Gold Alice In Wonderland charm bracelet and necklace. Featuring lot's of classic Alice charms

Yay for holidays abroad!

We booked our holiday today to Bavaro in The Dominican republic. We can't wait as Mark and I have not been away together yet, well only to Robin Hoods bay for a weekend but that doesn't count!

Here's a couple of new Alice in wonderland themed creations...

First i have a beautiful Alice themed charm bracelet, handmade using gorgeous illustrated charms featuring Alice (in different scenes, illustrated), a clock and The White Rabbit and other ornate decorative charms such as a tea pot, Ace of Spacdes playing cards and other lovely bits..

These cameo charms are really beautiful and in my opinion make this charm bracelet look unique. The bracelet is made from a lovely thick gold bracelet and colour toned for a classic vintage look and feel.

To compliment the Alice Charm bracelet, I also made a cute Alice themed necklace with a beautiful illustrated scene from the classic story. The Alice cameo has been strung on gorgeous thick plated gold chain with a Swarovski silver drop. Gorgeous! Anyway i hope you like them.

View all of my Alice in Wonderland jewellery, click here!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Super Hero Me!

After popping over to Laura Sparling's blog the other day I just had to check out The Hero Factory. Here you can invent your own super hero based on yourself! Of course mine had to include the colours pink and purple and own a pair of wings! He he. Thanks Laura!