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Sunday, 29 July 2007

Back to work... last minute spend!

Here's a piece from my 'Vintage glamour' collection. I just love anything that looks old but still oozes style and sophistication! I ordered two more books today, to do with making vintage inspired jewellery so I'm very excited about receiving those!

Unfortunately I have to return to my regular job tomorrow... until i become a millionaire from making jewellery I shall have to put up with measuring inside legs and awkward customers! Ah well! Mark also returned back to Rotherham tonight... it was sad to see him go as I wont see him until Friday night now when he returns home for the weekend!

I managed to also cheer myself up by popping onto Jan Jennings
Crystal gardens website and purchased some gorgeous beads that she made! i can't wait to get creating with them! they are so pretty! She is lucky enough to have a home studio within the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors National Park and uses it for inspiration. How lovely!

Well I suppose I should go as it's 'a school night' and I need my beauty sleep.

Catch you later xxx

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Shopping.... and new pictures!

Hi ya!

Yesterday Mark and me did a spot of shopping, we only nipped into Doncaster for the afternoon but had a nice day all the same and managed to pick up a few bargains! While we were gone we received some studio lighting that Mark had ordered a few days before. This morning we set to work on some new pics and managed to photograph lots of jewellery for the website. Here's one of my 'Midnight Sparkle' sterling silver cluster rings.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007


Mark and me woke up this morning to find beaming sunshine coming through the window.... so we quickly grabbed our gear and legged it outside to photograph everything... I received a new display bust today and the necklaces look beautiful on it! Its great to see how my jewellery might look when worn!

After a lot of waiting for the sun to come from behind the clouds we finally got some pictures! And with Marks wonderful magic he turned them into something quite stunning! Above shows my 'pretty in pink' kitch charm necklace. The web site will also feature close ups so that they will see more detail of what they are buying but I really wanted to capture what the necklace would look like when its worn... I don't think it looks half bad!

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Hi there!

Well me and Mark have been having one of those days where we just don't know what to do with ourselves! The weathers not good again so we haven't dared go anywhere exciting! My book came today with some new jewellery making techniques and I cant wait to get stuck into some of them I do love making the charm bracelets and they will probably always be my signature piece but I want to be able to do as much as possible... I have also had to refrain myself from buying more beads today which was very very hard, but I managed it... well the day isn't over yet!

With regards to working on the web site Mark and me are becoming increasingly annoyed as we want to take pictures for it in natural light, but this awful weather has meant that its been virtually impossible to get a decent piccy!!! How frustrating! Please send us some sunshine soon!

Friday, 20 July 2007

Come on Mr postman!


I am waiting for the postman I am sure he takes longer when I have something coming. I'm waiting for a jewellery making book and also some beads by Lamp work bead maker Laura Sparling, I love getting new beads!!!! And you're lucky to get hold of some of Lauras beads as they sell out in seconds on her web site! It's quite distressing! Thought I would pass a bit of time writing on here..... but its only killed like.... 2 mins....hmmmm maybe I should do something creative whilst I wait!

Mark is home tonight (he works away) and we have over a week together! Plans are to go 'bike riding' (he he) 'do lunch' and of course work on the website lots!!!! I went out last night, and a random person said that they had seen pictures of my work on Myspace and that she was excited about the website! How exciting is that? At least one fan is out there! Horray!

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

A brand spanking new blog!


I've decided to create a new blog to go with my new web site that is in the process of being made! I currently make lots of jewellery and with the help of my partner Mark I have decided to make this available online. Mark is working very hard along side his full time job to make me a beautiful website. He's a graphic designer but he is also self taught in 'flash' web design. This means the web site will have lots of moving parts and will be fully interactive! How exciting!

I have two weeks off from my regular job and I'm gonna spend what time I can getting lots done for the web site, Mark has next week off with me too so hopefully it will be quite productive! He works away and comes home at weekends so its been phone call after phone call updating me with his progress.
Yesterday I had to type out all the descriptions of the jewellery that I have done ready for the site, it took me ages and in between I kept getting distracted by beautiful sites dedicated to wonderful lamp work artists.... My bank account really doesn't like these guys but gosh I do! When you get some of these guys work through the post its like Christmas! Its so tempting to keep bits for yourself too! Mark is very patient and sits looking at all the pretty beads with me, mind you I do sit looking at Mac computers, and wire with him. Oh it must be love!
Chow for now!
Janine xx