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Wednesday, 18 July 2007

A brand spanking new blog!


I've decided to create a new blog to go with my new web site that is in the process of being made! I currently make lots of jewellery and with the help of my partner Mark I have decided to make this available online. Mark is working very hard along side his full time job to make me a beautiful website. He's a graphic designer but he is also self taught in 'flash' web design. This means the web site will have lots of moving parts and will be fully interactive! How exciting!

I have two weeks off from my regular job and I'm gonna spend what time I can getting lots done for the web site, Mark has next week off with me too so hopefully it will be quite productive! He works away and comes home at weekends so its been phone call after phone call updating me with his progress.
Yesterday I had to type out all the descriptions of the jewellery that I have done ready for the site, it took me ages and in between I kept getting distracted by beautiful sites dedicated to wonderful lamp work artists.... My bank account really doesn't like these guys but gosh I do! When you get some of these guys work through the post its like Christmas! Its so tempting to keep bits for yourself too! Mark is very patient and sits looking at all the pretty beads with me, mind you I do sit looking at Mac computers, and wire with him. Oh it must be love!
Chow for now!
Janine xx

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///// FAULT151 \\\\\ said...

Hi babe, like the blog set up you have going on! I cant wait to get your site up and running! its looking great even if i am blowing my own trumpet just a little bit! hehe.