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Tuesday, 24 July 2007


Mark and me woke up this morning to find beaming sunshine coming through the window.... so we quickly grabbed our gear and legged it outside to photograph everything... I received a new display bust today and the necklaces look beautiful on it! Its great to see how my jewellery might look when worn!

After a lot of waiting for the sun to come from behind the clouds we finally got some pictures! And with Marks wonderful magic he turned them into something quite stunning! Above shows my 'pretty in pink' kitch charm necklace. The web site will also feature close ups so that they will see more detail of what they are buying but I really wanted to capture what the necklace would look like when its worn... I don't think it looks half bad!


///// FAULT151 \\\\\ said...

your jewellery looks really good photographed on a bust. It makes it all look so much more presentable! I really liked the vintage collection! They are always my favourite! x

Laura said...

That looks amazing, Janine!

Love the hot pink and the photography is fabulous!

Fab work.

Laura x

Janine- Cherished Trinkets said...

Well as I siad I'm a pink girl!!! Can't get enough! Thanks for the comments!

Janine x