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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Happy Egg!

Look what turned up in our egg box this morning, this happy looking chap complete with fluffy hair on his head! Mark couldn't resist drawing his happy face in and taking a snap!

My new Alice In Wonderland bag!

Remember I showed you babastudioPrague, and some of the beautiful bags they do? Well here is my bag that I ordered from them. I am in love, it's beautifully made and looks divine, there is so much detail in this silk Alice print, featuring one of my favourite scenes from the Alice in wonderland book. I just had to share this with you all!
Hope you are all having a Fabulous weekend! I have been busy creating as I am supplying to another shop called Ruby Tuesdays in Whitby. I'm really happy about that as I love whitby and have had some fantastic days out there. It's a really old fashioned sea side town with some wonderful shops to look around!

Monday, 24 August 2009

Bird Cage crazy!- Vintage Style Bird cage designed Jewellery

I just love these bird cage designs! Something about these bird cage pendants and charms just screams vintage! I've listed a few new additions, these two necklace and a pair of bird cage earrings. Head on over and take a closer peak if you like!

Fly away Birdie- Vintage Style Bird cage necklace- £20

Free as a Bird- Vintage Style Birdcage necklace- SOLD

Bird Cage earrings- SOLD

Saturday, 22 August 2009

New Vintage Inspired additions!

Yes it's been quite a busy week for the Etsy and Folksy shop. I've been busy busy and I've managed to fill them up quite nicely so head on over to have a look here's a couple of the new arrivals to nosy over first...

Alice In Wonderland Vintage Style Charm Bracelet-SOLD

Above is my latest addition to the Alice series, just lovely silver looking components, works really well I think! And below, I love these vintage looking bird cages, they are so pretty and look great with these polymer clay flowers and brass chain, not to mention a pretty little pearl to finish off.

Fly away Birdie Vintage style necklace-£20

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Oceans Heart Vintage Style Necklace

Another new addition! This cute necklace features lampwork by the wonderfully talented Laura Sparling, accompanied with a vintage brass key, satin ribbon and glass pearls. Click here for this and other new items!

Oceans Heart Vintage Style necklace- Featuring Lamp Work by Laura Sparling- SOLD

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

MIRROR MIRROR Vintage inspired necklace

Just to let you know that I have listed a few items today. One of which includes this delightful mirror necklace, complete with genuine glass mirror, a little blue flower, fresh water pearl... Oh and not to mention that gorgeous brass bow. As always if your interested in purchasing any or my work just click here.

Mirror Mirror Vintage Inspired Necklace- SOLD

Sunday, 9 August 2009

New Brooch... and other Alice In wonderland jewellery

Yes just a quick update, I've started making cute Alice In Wonderland brooches, here's one that's going up for sale later and at £10 its a bit of a bargain. Look out as there will be more to come!

Alice and The Shower of Cards Brooch- SOLD

I've also listed this gorgeous fresh water pearl and Alice In Wonderland charmed bracelet. I love the way the brass looks against the pearls and thought of attaching this gorgeous satin ribbon to tie it up with. As always click here for information on how to buy!

Alice In Wonderland- Fresh Water Pearl charm bracelet- SOLD

Friday, 7 August 2009

Alice In Wonderland lovelies spotted on Etsy!

I had to share this gorgeous bag I spotted on Etsy. Of course it features Alice in Wonderland. You can find this and other stunning pieces at babastudioPrague, found on Etsy. Gorgeous!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

New Vintage Style Alice In Wonderland jewellery listed

New Alice goodies have been added to the shops. I've tried to get a good mix including a delightful Alice In Wonderland vintage inspired charm bracelet, drink me necklace and Alice in Court necklace. Click here for info on where to purchase. Have a great weekend!

Alice In Wonderland Vintage Style Necklace- £18

Alice And The Drink Me Bottle Vintage Style Necklace- SOLD

Drink Me Vintage style necklace- £18

The White Rabbit Vintage Style necklace- SOLD

Alice In Court Vintage Style necklace- SOLD

Alice and the playing cards vintage style necklace- £20

Alice In Wonderland Pink Vintage Style necklace- SOLD

As always you can find more of my handmade Alice jewellery in my Alice in Wonderland collection.