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Friday, 20 July 2007

Come on Mr postman!


I am waiting for the postman I am sure he takes longer when I have something coming. I'm waiting for a jewellery making book and also some beads by Lamp work bead maker Laura Sparling, I love getting new beads!!!! And you're lucky to get hold of some of Lauras beads as they sell out in seconds on her web site! It's quite distressing! Thought I would pass a bit of time writing on here..... but its only killed like.... 2 mins....hmmmm maybe I should do something creative whilst I wait!

Mark is home tonight (he works away) and we have over a week together! Plans are to go 'bike riding' (he he) 'do lunch' and of course work on the website lots!!!! I went out last night, and a random person said that they had seen pictures of my work on Myspace and that she was excited about the website! How exciting is that? At least one fan is out there! Horray!

1 comment:

Lucy lou said...

ooh yeah i remember your fan!
hmmm i like this blogging malarky... i want one!