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Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Happy days!!!

Hi all!

Not had much of a chance to 'blog' lately as I have been putting my all into my new job! It's going really well and everybody is really nice and helpful! There is so much to learn though and my little brain gets overloaded with information very quickly! He he! I'm in charge of around 350 accounts all mostly bridal shops, so it's quite hard keeping up with them all and remembering who's who! I have also being trying to keep up with making jewellery which I'm sure Mark will be photographing at the weekend! Oh it's great having full weekends together! I'm really appreciating it, and I'm sure Mark is too, usually we only really get to spend Sundays together as he's away all week so it's nice being able to plan stuff to do without having to think about me working on a Saturday!


Laura said...

So pleased to hear that the new job's going well, Janine.

Looking forward to seeing your new jewellery. I hope you and Mark have a great weekend together! I only see my boyfriend every other weekend so I know how you feel. :o)

Laura x

Janine- Cherished Trinkets said...

It is annoying but we just try to appreciate the time we have together. Gosh time must go slowly if you only see each other every other weekend! Bet the weekends go quickly though :( You poor things!

Janine xx