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Monday, 12 November 2007

Pink Princess

Here's a bead I just couldn't say no to! It's one of Laura Sparlings fantastic creations.... a bauble bead. I just fell in love when I saw it as its completely hollow which I just think is sooo clever! Laura did tell me how it was made but to be honest it didn't really sink in! All I know is that its very girly, pink and just gorgeous and I'm keeping the little blighter!!! Here's what I did with it!


Laura Sparling said...

WOW! That is awesome, Janine! I just love what you've done with the hollow - really, really striking. Love it!

Laura x

Janine - Pretty Vintage Tea Party said...

That was the word I was looking for Laura.... Hollow! I couldn't remember what you called it. Thank you very much! I loved playing with this bead!

J x