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Thursday, 27 December 2007


Yes I'm just squeezing a quick blog in whilst I wait for my turkey curry to cook! Here's a gift that I made for my Mum. She has many a time sat and adored the work of Glass artist Claire from Rowanberry Art Glass. Particularly her beautiful trees which are just to die for. I therefore decided that I would make her some jewellery using one of Claire's wonderful beads... and here's the result. Mum loved it when she opened her gift on Christmas morning and to my relief I don't think she's taken it from around her neck since!

I received a PMC kit for Christmas, which for those of you who don't know is a clay which after being worked and fired with a torch (yes I know its scary, I'm hoping I'll keep my eyebrows)turns into beautiful precious silver. So I can create even more unique and one off jewellery with charms, pendents etc! I'm hoping to have a go tomorrow and shall post the results!!!

Hope you all had a FAB Christmas!!!



My Paper World said...

It's beautiful!

Gemheaven said...

Oh Janine you've done Claire's bead so much justice!!