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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Oasis and Kasabian live at Heaton Park Manchester Saturday 6th June 2009

Last weekend Mark and I were lucky enough to get tickets to go to the huge gig at Heaton Park in Manchester with Oasis headlining and support from Kasabian and the Emeny + a few other bands. The weather on the Saturday here in Manchester was awful. It rained constantly all day. (I wouldn't expect anything less for an out door gig in the North West!) After a massive dash to try and get some wellies (pretty much all of Manchester centre had sold out) we headed of to the gig.

To be totally honest I was more interested in seeing Kasabian. Both bands were awesome and the crowd were all pretty decent too. Here area few pics from the gig that Mark has taken He gave up taking them after a while as we couldn't hold pints of beer and take pics the the same time.

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