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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Spoilt Rotten!

It's my birthday today, last night I went for a lovely meal with some friends and mark and today Mark took me on a shopping trip in Manchester town centre. Mark wasn't sure what i wanted and wanted me to pick something I really like.

I love Vivienne Westwood jewellery but have never been lucky enough to own any. We went to The Vivienne Westwood store on King Street and I gasped in awe at all the beautiful jewellery in there. A very helpful assistant helped me choose which necklace I liked best and I settled on this stunning Sterling silver locket style Vivienne Westwood orb. It's beautiful, Mark always feels a bit nervous buying me jewellery I think, because I make my own he finds it hard to find something that I really like, but I'm in love with this so thanks Mark!

We are going to see Old school Brit pop band skunk anansie tonight at the Manchester Acadamy. Mark also managed to get hold of some Yeah Yeah Yeah tickets for next Sunday, I really can't wait for that one!

This Sterling silver and Swarovski crystals Locket opens up revealing heart shaped inscription in French "+ qu'hier -que demain" meaning: (I love you) more than yesterday less than tomorrow.


Unknown said...

It looks really nice on you Janine!

Lula said...

Happy Birthday! And what better way to celebrate than with spoiling and jewelry! Glad you had a great day.