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Monday, 11 April 2011

My lovely spotty glass bead earrings

One thing you get when you tell people that you design jewellery is people looking at you, spotting a necklace, bracelet or earrings you may be wearing and saying, “Oh is that one of yours?”. Of course it never is! You see contrary to popular belief I just don’t make as much jewellery for myself as some people might imagine. Of course I’ll make something and think oh I’m definitely going to make one of those for me… but then life gets in the way or I run out of the bits to make another, and I never do!

Now I am a little bit guilty of being a hoarder! I buy these little bits and bobs… mainly beads and charms and they sit there in a box waiting to be turned into something delightful! For example I simply love the lampwork beads which are created by the talented Laura Sparling. She naughtily keeps designing and melting little glass beads which I have no other choice but to own! So I buy them, she sends them in the post all beautiful wrapped and I gasp and wow over her perfectly formed little glassy wonders and then I put them in my ‘Laura bead box’ and they stay there. Sometimes I shall look in the bead box and and awe over them but then I get scared and put them away. You see, because Laura has taken so much care to make such gorgeous beads I don’t want to turn them into something rubbish!

Anyway this is going somewhere, honest… because the purpose of this post is to show you these cute little spotty earrings which I made from some of Laura’s wondrous beads! I have had them in the Laura Bead Box for a long long time and I was determined to make something for myself. So I did. I have decided that one of my resolutions for this year needs to be to stop looking at all the pretty things I have collected and blooming well make some jewellery with them, and that includes some for myself!

So here are my own lovely little spotty earrings… Cute aren’t they?

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