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Sunday, 20 April 2008

Summers Blush

I can't seem to help but make jewellery with a nice summery feel, maybe it's because the weather is so terrible, and cold!

Here is a necklace that I made from one of the wonderful beads that Mark bought me for my birthday last year made by the fantastic Jan Jennings.

More pictures to come.... so watch this space!


Jewellery Craft said...

Been waiting for pictures, waiting and waiting and it was well worth the wait, this is so pretty and girlie, LOVE it :)

We have just had a wonderful thunder storm, I love thunder and rain!!!


Janine - Pretty Vintage Tea Party said...

Ooooh thunder! I don't mind thunder storms at all! I know my pics took a while to do but I should have some more soon!

Thanks for your lovely comment :)

FAULT151 said...

Looks great Janine! I'm pleased to see what you did with the bead! xxx

Janine - Pretty Vintage Tea Party said...

Thanks Mark and thanks for buying me the gorgeous bead in the first place! xxx

Laura Sparling said...

This is lovely, Janine. I bet it looks fab on!

Laura x