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Monday, 2 February 2009

Ooooooooooooooh Snow!

Yes it's even been snowing here in the City Centre! I did get a snap from my balcony but my phone isn't letting me upload it :o( I hope it goes soon I really hate slipping all the way to work!

Here is a creation made from some wonderful beads by Laura Sparling, Mark had bought me them as a gift and I decided to create something using lots of Amethyst and silver. I love them! And wore them when I went to a party on Saturday night.


Laura Sparling said...

Wowzers. What beauties! Those earrings are awesome. I'm so pleased that you like your birhday beads!

L x

BeadyPool said...

What a lovely Birthday pressie - love what you have made with them.

Janine - Pretty Vintage Tea Party said...

Thanks to both of you :o)

J xx