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Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Hair cuts, hits, and day off!

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Hi people!

I have a day off from the regular job today so I decided to go for a much needed hair cut! Now, the girl who usually does my hair wasn't there so I was a bit nervous as I hate getting my hair cut at the best of times! It's done now... but not how I would usually want it (I think this is a girl thing) so I'll be washing and styling it myself later I think!

Just checked my web site statistics and I have recieved almost 6000 hits since its launch on Sunday which is fantastic and I really want to thank everybody who has supported me! Those close to me know that I have been having a bad time recently and I hope this is a turnaround that I have much needed! I think a lot of web designers are taking a peek at the site from a design point of view! Lets hope it wins Mark(the designer)some more awards! Thanks again Mark and I wish you all the luck in the world with your job interviews!

I intend to make some jewellery now as I can quite honestly say that I haven't made any for a while and I'm eager to use some beadies that I've been saving for a rainy day!!

Take care everyone!

1 comment:

FAULT151 said...

hello janine, I am really pleased with how your website has taken off! I think you have done really well making all that jewellery. Its soooo distinctive!

Your hair looks beautiful Janine! I really like the dark colour! Soo nice!

love you x