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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Living in hope

You may have heard of the Aeroplane which has tragically crashed on a flight from Bangkok on Sunday, unfortunately it seems that my Cousin Susan, her new husband and two friends were on the flight. This much has been confirmed, we are waiting for news as to what has happened to her, she is amongst the many people who are missing and we are all praying that by some kind of miracle she is OK. It is the waiting which is the worst thing... authorities cannot confirm for sure weather she is amongst the dead until they have DNA to match the remains that they have found. I just want to use my blog to send all my love and best wishes to the rest of my family who are waiting in agony for news. My thoughts are also with the families who have been told that their loved ones are dead. lets just pray.

Janine xx


Beverley Wainwright said...

oh my word janine,
how aful for you and your family.
My thoughts and prayers are with you all

love bev x

Janine - Pretty Vintage Tea Party said...

Thank you Bev thats very kind of you.

J x

FAULT151 said...

Janine you know im here for you if you wanna talk to me or anything! I understand how you feel and i'll do anything i can to help you. Love mark xx