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Friday, 28 September 2007


Quite excited today, as Mark and me are going to hull tonight to see Ian Brown play a gig. I managed to get the weekend off so we can spend it together... I feel a bit of shopping is in order for tomorrow as we shall be stopping over tonight. I love shopping out of town and I hear that Hull has a new shopping centre that is just about to open this weekend.... Must have known I was coming!

It's my last week at work next week, and my last week in retail, I'm looking forward to starting my new job but I'm also going to miss aspects of retail, I do enjoy meeting different people and helping them prepare for special event like weddings and nights out especially when they are genuinely grateful for your help, it's so satisfying. I'll also miss all my wonderful friends at work 7 years is a long time to work with people so I'm sure I'll keep in touch!

Right, I best figure out what I'll be wearing tonight... I can feel a dilemma coming on!

Janine xx


FAULT151 said...

what a fantastic gig! I had such a good time! I can't believe he even did some stoneroses! I had a great weekend with you Janine xxx

Janine - Pretty Vintage Tea Party said...

yes I'm glad he did all our faves!!!